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27 Apr 2017

10:28 Exiv2 Patch #1292: Fix targeting Windows XP (regression)
Thank you Robin (and for all of your work!).
Robin Mills wrote:
> I thought I had to do something like this to ...
Dimitri Schoolwerth

26 Apr 2017

13:37 Exiv2 Feature #1176: Validate HUGE file support
Thank you for the explanation. Completely understood about not changing anything now with a release pending of course... Dimitri Schoolwerth
09:47 Exiv2 Feature #1176: Validate HUGE file support
Just a note to say that while I of course appreciate huge file support being looked into I don't think its support sh... Dimitri Schoolwerth
12:56 Exiv2 Patch #1292 (Closed): Fix targeting Windows XP (regression)
SRW lock functions are used since r4308, these are only available since Windows Vista and some since Windows 7. The a... Dimitri Schoolwerth

19 Jul 2011

07:38 Exiv2 Bug #750: Assertion in XmpParser::encode should be an exception
I had problems with the assert too and locally had replaced it with a 'continue' for the loop (not the best solution ... Dimitri Schoolwerth

11 Jun 2010

04:56 Exiv2 Patch #709 (Closed): typo in XMPCore_Impl.hpp
Since revision 2064 pragma warnings were disabled for non-MSVC builds, however this was done by using the faulty defi... Dimitri Schoolwerth

11 Dec 2008

11:57 Exiv2 Bug #589 (Closed): SVN property changes
Some newer files didn't have SVN properties set such as svn:eol-style and svn:keywords, the attached patch fixes this... Dimitri Schoolwerth
10:53 Exiv2 Bug #586: ValueType<T> constructor makes assumptions of the endianness of the machine
Fixed by revision 1695, the above code now gives the same result on both little and big endian machines. There's no n... Dimitri Schoolwerth

21 Sep 2006

08:10 Exiv2 Bug #487 (Closed): Crash in exiv2.exe (built with VC++ 2005 Express) when examing TIFF images
When running exiv2.exe (with as parameter any TIFF image), there's a crash in tiffparser.cpp:154 (function TiffDecode... Dimitri Schoolwerth

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