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11 Jan 2018

11:32 Exiv2 Forum: RE: Slow embed times
Hi Robin
Thanks again, but I think I've got all I need. I went with the commands file option, and I believe we're ...
Scott Renton

10 Jan 2018

10:29 Exiv2 Forum: RE: Slow embed times
Thanks Robin- I mistakenly thought you'd left the world of exiv2, so that's great that you're still around to answer ... Scott Renton

09 Jan 2018

12:26 Exiv2 Forum: Slow embed times
Hi folks
I just wondered, does exiv2 open and close a file each time it embeds an item of data, or does it keep it...
Scott Renton

08 Jun 2015

14:45 Exiv2 Forum: RE: Temp Files
Hi Robin
Brilliant bucket list! Sorry you're finishing up- how long do you have left?
I believe we are using th...
Scott Renton

05 Jun 2015

09:55 Exiv2 Forum: Temp Files
Hi folks
We've been running quite a lot of exiv2 processes through .bat files, triggered from an Excel macro as it...
Scott Renton

23 Apr 2015

08:18 Exiv2 Forum: RE: IPTC tags in Photoshop File Info
Thanks everyone. I think we're pointing in the right direction now.
Scott Renton

21 Apr 2015

16:08 Exiv2 Forum: RE: IPTC tags in Photoshop File Info
Hi Robin and Alan
First of all, great to hear I've inadvertently stumbled upon a fellow Jock. Our insanely pernick...
Scott Renton
13:20 Exiv2 Forum: IPTC tags in Photoshop File Info
Hi folks,
First of all, can I just say how pleased I am to have discovered exiv2- it's been a huge help.
I have...
Scott Renton

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