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27 May 2015

12:10 Exiv2 Forum: RE: How do I make the lib image size smaller
So you guys are just talk about .exe and .dll files as "images"? But I am quite interesting to the graphical images r... arron lee

20 Feb 2014

19:04 Exiv2 Forum: RE: BUG? When I write to Exif.Image.ImageDescription, it overwrites my Exif.Image.XPTitle with a blank or null
Hi, JM.
I wonder have you tried the latest version of it? Does the bug still unfixed? I am also testing with the rel...
arron lee

02 Dec 2013

20:02 Exiv2 Forum: RE: Exif information in multi-page tiff images
Hi, Donna.
I have never tried the multi-page tiff image processing tool you mentioned above but I have ever tested t...
arron lee

06 Aug 2013

02:21 Exiv2 Forum: RE: difference in treatment/support of Jpeg vs PNG?
JPEG is an image compression standard and coding system. It was created by the Joint Photographic Experts Group commi... arron lee

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