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03 Nov 2018

18:59 Exiv2 Forum: RE: I request to Catalan translation
This is the standard GnuText workflow for translation. I'll update the pot file first and then you are free to genera... Thomas Beutlich

21 Mar 2017

21:12 Exiv2 Revision 4745 (exiv2): Update po files
Thomas Beutlich

30 Aug 2016

19:47 Exiv2 Feature #1060 (Closed): ISO speed readout & low-light cameras
Well, the patch was developed to Spex Duplex. Estimated work: 10h. Thomas Beutlich

25 Aug 2016

06:05 Exiv2 Bug #1212 (Assigned): Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 not recognized
It says "Canon EF 14mm f/2.8L or Sigma Lens" on Thomas Beutlich

24 Aug 2016

20:00 Exiv2 Revision 4433 (exiv2): Fix typo
Thomas Beutlich
19:57 Exiv2 Revision 4432 (exiv2): Fix typo
Thomas Beutlich
19:52 Exiv2 Revision 4431 (exiv2): Fix typos
Thomas Beutlich
19:39 Exiv2 Revision 4430 (exiv2): Fix typos (comments only)
Thomas Beutlich
19:35 Exiv2 Patch #1208: New values for Sony File Format
Sorry, I do not own a test file of the new Sony file format. Thomas Beutlich
19:31 Exiv2 Bug #971: Coverity scan : Not restoring ostream format (STREAM_FORMAT_STATE) CID : 982002 through 982054 (53 similar defects)
I believe it was already resolved in 0.25 then. Thomas Beutlich

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