Romain Henriet



05 Mar 2013

10:39 Exiv2 Bug #887 (Closed): Samsung D-Xenon 12-24mm not recognized
Samsung D-Xenon 12-24mm F4 appears as 0x04ef only in my Pentax K-x JPGs (See example image)
Romain Henriet

19 May 2011

02:14 Exiv2 Feature #771 (Closed): Support exif tags "LensModel" and "LensMake"
Using Pentax K-x DNGs, some data are stored in DNGPrivateData (Lens data in particular), which exiv2 doesn't decode. ... Romain Henriet

08 Feb 2011

12:10 Exiv2 Bug #758 (Closed): Exiv2 doesn't detect lens model in Pentax k-x DNG files
I have DNG raw files created using Pentax K-x and exiv2 is not able to detect lens type.
_exiftool IMGP0298.DNG | gr...
Romain Henriet

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