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27 Oct 2011

11:12 Exiv2 Bug #796 (Closed): Build static lib on windows with mingw64?
I am attempting to build exiv2 with the mingw32 and mingw64 cross-compiler. I am able to build a .a file but I cannot... Simson Garfinkel

06 Sep 2010

08:47 Exiv2 Forum: make distclean doesn't erase some files
I did a "make distclean" and the following files were not deleted:... Simson Garfinkel

02 Sep 2010

17:56 Exiv2 Bug #725 (Closed): -DSUPPRESS_WARNINGS is kind of hokey
I'm having a problem with the -DSUPPRESS_WARNINGS mechanism.
libexiv2 is installed as a system-wide library. But s...
Simson Garfinkel

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