Patch #798

Add MS Photo RegionInfo and MetaWorkingGroup Regions schemas

Added by Benjamin H. almost 10 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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11 Jan 2012
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As discussed in I suggest the schemas of Microsoft Photo 1.2 Region* and the Regions schema of the Metadata Working Group to be added to exiv2. These schemas become more and more used by Software like Picasa (built in since version 3.9, with extra tools before 3.9), Windows Live Photo Gallery aso. The tags can be used to tag people, pets, camera focus, etc. information with textual information and in-photo location. I add a diff for the current code revision to this issue and will provide a complete example later. First examples can be found in the quoted forum topic.


RegionTagging.diff (9.72 KB) RegionTagging.diff Benjamin H., 11 Jan 2012 04:09

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Associated revisions

Revision 2647 (diff)
Added by Andreas Huggel almost 10 years ago

#798: Applied RegionTagging.diff patch by Benjamin H.

Revision 2649 (diff)
Added by Andreas Huggel almost 10 years ago

#799: Added regression test (using the example provided by Benjamin H. in connection with #798).



Updated by Benjamin H. almost 10 years ago

Seems to work now (#798 combined with #799) as described

The extension of the lib and the cli are working fine with the new namespaces.

There are still some issues with pyexiv2 at the moment.
There are some suggestions that have to re reviewed by pyexiv2 developers.

Btw, this issue/patch also solves #778.


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Thanks, Benjamin!


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