Bug #1019

Cppcheck: Suspicious usage of 'sizeof' with a numeric constant as parameter.

Added by Thomas Beutlich almost 7 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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05 Jan 2015
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In jp2image.cpp lines 555, 561 and 567 there is sizeof(16) as third argument for memcmp. Cppcheck reports

It is unusual to use a constant value with sizeof. For example, 'sizeof(10)' returns 4 (in 32-bit systems) or 8 (in 64-bit systems) instead of 10. 'sizeof('A')' and 'sizeof(char)' can return different results.

Associated revisions

Revision 3538 (diff)
Added by Robin Mills almost 7 years ago

#1019. Thank You Thomas for finding this issue.

Revision 3547 (diff)
Added by Robin Mills almost 7 years ago

#1019. Thanks to private email with Thomas about the MSVC issue. Changed a signature in the patch to calm the compiler.
MSVC is more strongly insistent than GCC or Clang about signature match.



Updated by Robin Mills almost 7 years ago

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Updated by Robin Mills almost 7 years ago

This is very suspicious! I think the sizeof(16) should simply be 16. It appears to be copying UUIDs which are 128 bits = 16 x 8bit bytes. The sizeof(16) would have "throttled" the UUID to 4 or 8 bytes. This would cause part of the data to be in an undefined state, without overflowing the buffer to which the data is being copied.

Fix submitted r3538. Thank you Thomas for finding and reporting this.


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