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14 Mar 2017

17:35 Exiv2 Bug #1284: Possible exiv2 0.26-svn bug
It is crashing from digiKam. Gilles is aware of the issue now. Initially he thought Exiv2 is the one not creating C++... Wil Cowb
17:14 Exiv2 Bug #1284: Possible exiv2 0.26-svn bug
I just found out that it crashes on Manjaro too.
I narrowed the issue down and looks like it only crashes when:
Wil Cowb
15:38 Exiv2 Bug #1284: Possible exiv2 0.26-svn bug
Hello Robin,
Thank you very much for taking the time to investigate this.
The mountains on the picture are Cana...
Wil Cowb

13 Mar 2017

15:18 Exiv2 Bug #1284 (Closed): Possible exiv2 0.26-svn bug
Here is a sample image:
The XMP packet in...
Wil Cowb

11 Mar 2017

02:01 Exiv2 Bug #1267: exiv2 0.26-svn,mp4 video, exiv can't read gps info
In case you are interested, this project has done not a bad job on reading writing mp4 metadata.
Wil Cowb

10 Mar 2017

06:17 Exiv2 Bug #1283 (Closed): Exiv2 crash when Pentax makernote tags parser being used
It looks like some of the metadata created by Pentax K-S1 might not be supported very well by Exiv2.
More details ...
Wil Cowb
06:04 Exiv2 Bug #1282 (Closed): crash in Exiv2 shared library when JPEG parser is processing the file
More details can be found here:
exiv2 called via API by digiKam.
Wil Cowb
05:56 Exiv2 Bug #1281 (Closed): crash in Exiv2, XMP parser class and in Adobe XMP SDK
Probably something in my image in XMP metadata is not well interpreted by Exiv2.
exiv2 called by digiKam via API (ht...
Wil Cowb
05:41 Exiv2 Bug #1280 (Closed): crash in Exiv2 shared library when a video file is under construction
I started compressing an mp4 file saving the output to the original directory. digiKam detected a change, tri...
Wil Cowb

08 Feb 2017

17:59 Exiv2 Bug #1275: Exiv2 0.26-svn issue with ExifTags class MPF tags UPSTREAM
Hello Robin,
I cannot answer you questions since I am just a digiKam user however I am trying to get Gilles @ digi...
Wil Cowb

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