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17 Mar 2014

00:00 Exiv2 Bug #952 (Closed): bogus issue
ignore Brad Schick

16 Jun 2012

23:24 Exiv2 Bug #829: svn repo offline
Sorry for the trouble. Should be working now. Brad Schick

30 Jun 2009

22:19 Exiv2 Forum: RE: [ANN] organize tool
A few people have written emails asking for a Windows binary. I've attached that to this post. Just unzip and run, no... Brad Schick

08 Mar 2009

00:35 Exiv2 Forum: RE: [ANN] organize tool
Thanks, glad you like the tool. I just committed code that adds the following additional metadata values:... Brad Schick
00:26 Exiv2 Revision 1762 (exiv2): made use of new easyaccess functions to support macro mode, orientation, lens name, and better iso values
Brad Schick
00:25 Exiv2 Revision 1761 (exiv2): Added new easyaccess files to msvc build
Brad Schick

31 Jan 2009

23:19 Exiv2 Forum: [ANN] organize tool
'organize' is a command-line tool that creates organized directories of photos and other media files. Photos can be e... Brad Schick
23:07 Exiv2 Revision 1737 (exiv2): Fixed a few typo's in help output
Brad Schick
22:26 Exiv2 Revision 1736 (exiv2): Added msvc project for organize tool (not yet hooked up to master solution)
Brad Schick

16 Dec 2008

16:01 Exiv2 Bug #583: Linking fails when compiling
r1687 Brad Schick

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