gary cohen



22 Jan 2010

13:55 Exiv2 Bug #675 (Rejected): Exif extraction fails under certain cicumstances
I have at least one JPEG that has valid exif data that can properly be retrieved using Photoshop and ImageMagick, but... gary cohen

22 Oct 2009

18:20 Exiv2 Forum: RE: Magick++ and Exiv2
Thanks. I ended up using your first recommendation, but since my image is in memory, this workflow requires me to ess... gary cohen
10:56 Exiv2 Bug #651 (Closed): Exif tag: TimeZoneOffset (0x882a) missing
It appears that 0x882a TimeZoneOffset is missing from the available tags. gary cohen

21 Oct 2009

18:56 Exiv2 Forum: Magick++ and Exiv2
I'm using ImageMagick (Magick++ to be more specific) and I need to write out some updated EXIF metadata to an ...
gary cohen
15:26 Exiv2 Forum: RE: Extracting UTF8 metadata
thank you. you helped me find my problem. i was doing something wrong with the utf8 conversion. gary cohen

20 Oct 2009

15:51 Exiv2 Forum: RE: Extracting UTF8 metadata
Oh, and the code:
... part of a loop ...
if ( attr == "Exif.Photo.UserComment" )
const Exi...
gary cohen
15:48 Exiv2 Forum: RE: Extracting UTF8 metadata
Hi Andreas,
I liked your idea to use Exiv2::CommentValue::comment and when I do, I get an empty string.
(gdb) p...
gary cohen

19 Oct 2009

18:04 Exiv2 Forum: Extracting UTF8 metadata
I'm having trouble extracting the Exif.Photo.UserComment from an image that has it in Unicode and I'm wondering what ... gary cohen

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