Daniel Kaneider



22 Mar 2016

15:55 Exiv2 Revision 4238 (exiv2): fix msvc compilation (rv 4229)
Daniel Kaneider

29 Dec 2015

20:10 Exiv2 Revision 4157 (exiv2): #1041. cmakeBuild with static compilation
Daniel Kaneider

08 Dec 2015

16:09 Exiv2 Revision 4078 (exiv2): #1041. Adding better NMake support
Daniel Kaneider

10 Nov 2015

22:04 Exiv2 Revision 4010 (exiv2): travis fixes
Daniel Kaneider
22:00 Exiv2 Revision 4009 (exiv2): [msvc] updated build scripts
Daniel Kaneider
21:36 Exiv2 Revision 4008 (exiv2): [cmake] various msvc fixes
Daniel Kaneider

02 Nov 2015

21:24 Exiv2 Revision 4004 (exiv2): [msvc] updated build files
Daniel Kaneider
20:54 Exiv2 Feature #1041: CMake toolchain for windows
Robin, I get it. Nobody seems to care about CMake. Why else does Jenkins still use the make projects?
This issue is ...
Daniel Kaneider

01 Nov 2015

18:39 Exiv2 Support #1134 (Closed): (Question) SVN directory contains website files
Just a general question on the SVN repo structure: Is there a specific reason why 'website' is inside the main/trunk ... Daniel Kaneider
18:14 Exiv2 Feature #1041: CMake toolchain for windows
After playing around a little bit with github I ac...
Daniel Kaneider

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