Adonai Canez



25 Mar 2015

13:30 Exiv2 Forum: RE: Error opening file where the directory has accents
Hello Robin,
Sorry for the delay in response.
I performed the tests and all worked correctly. Only the file nam...
Adonai Canez

18 Mar 2015

01:48 Exiv2 Forum: Error opening file where the directory has accents
When I wrote my program in 2011 exiv2 opened files with directories that had accents, but this new version not open t... Adonai Canez

30 Dec 2010

12:22 Exiv2 Forum: RE: exception handling (Closed)
Sorry, my error. Adonai Canez
12:17 Exiv2 Forum: exception handling
I want to handle exceptions when the image file is locked, but try and catch is not working. What is wrong?
Adonai Canez

23 Dec 2010

07:06 Exiv2 Forum: Error unknown Exif
I am getting this error when I open a picture. What Error would that be?
Error: Directory NikonPreview: Nex...
Adonai Canez

07 Oct 2010

14:50 Exiv2 Forum: RE: Error in lib exiv2
Hi Andreas,
This same error occurs when a change is made by software exiftool
Adonai Canez

24 Sep 2010

07:18 Exiv2 Bug #730 (Rejected): Error reading exif tag created by Windows 7
By inserting the tag exif windows 7, the library's exif2 error trying to read the files.
Attached is the example
Adonai Canez

23 Sep 2010

15:01 Exiv2 Forum: Error in lib exiv2
I found an error in lib exiv2. It crashes when the image exif data is changed by windows, the option "properties -> d... Adonai Canez

06 Sep 2010

16:43 Exiv2 Forum: Compilation error on mingw
I'm trying to compile the latest version of libexiv2, but is giving the error below. Anyone know how to solve?
if ...
Adonai Canez

05 Feb 2010

10:25 Exiv2 Forum: RE: Compile libexiv on windows, error libstdc++.dll.a
Thanks, I finally managed to compile the library Adonai Canez

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