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29 Apr 2015

02:37 Exiv2 Bug #773: error when extracting metadata from ORF files
I think I can confirm that this works now (though I've only tested it with one file):
$ exiv2 -ea P7201799.ORF
Christoph Anton Mitterer
02:31 Exiv2 Feature #825: Panasonic Manometer Tag
No worries :-)
Attached are two images.
As you can see the camera apparently uses a special value of 65535 when b...
Christoph Anton Mitterer

28 Jan 2013

08:11 Exiv2 Bug #870: Exif.OlympusEq.0x0403 tag
I just said he might, in the sense I've had no written contract that he'd use my proposed name ;)
Christoph Anton Mitterer

16 Jan 2013

15:47 Exiv2 Bug #870: Exif.OlympusEq.0x0403 tag
Hey guys :)
Just one thing with respect to the case:
I think it's always good if the tag names are identical to t...
Christoph Anton Mitterer

15 Jan 2013

17:30 Exiv2 Bug #870: Exif.OlympusEq.0x0403 tag
Hi again..
For now just the description,... I've had a look at the source but it would need me longer time see how...
Christoph Anton Mitterer
14:58 Exiv2 Bug #870: Exif.OlympusEq.0x0403 tag
Uhm what I meant was... the tag Exif.OlympusEq.0x0403 seems to be still unknown/unanmed in exiv2.
But I "found" ou...
Christoph Anton Mitterer

12 Dec 2012

07:36 Exiv2 Bug #870 (Closed): Exif.OlympusEq.0x0403 tag
It seems that the Exif.OlympusEq.0x0403 tag shows the converter lenses that can be attached to some of Olympus...
Christoph Anton Mitterer

10 May 2012

15:36 Exiv2 Feature #825 (Closed): Panasonic Manometer Tag
I found out the (AFAIK yet undocumented) tag for the manometer of some Panasonic cameras.
The tag "Exif.Pan...
Christoph Anton Mitterer

28 May 2011

14:19 Exiv2 Bug #773 (Closed): error when extracting metadata from ORF files
There's apparently some serious bug in the extraction of meta-data from Olympus RAW files.
E.g. I have the fo...
Christoph Anton Mitterer

09 Mar 2011

17:29 Exiv2 Feature #766 (Closed): exiv2 seem to decode less metadata from Olympus images than possible
I was recently playing around with the metadata in Olympus (ORF or JPEG) images, e.g. as generated by cameras ...
Christoph Anton Mitterer

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