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09 Apr 2015

07:47 Exiv2 Bug #774: "exiv2 -eX" followed by "exiv2 -iX" produces invalid XMP metadata packet
It's nice to see that old issue finally fixed! Volker Grabsch

25 Jul 2013

02:42 Exiv2 Bug #906: Mountain Lion Plugin crashes when setxattr called
I created a new issue #910 to address this possible reintroduction of a bug. Volker Grabsch
02:32 Exiv2 Bug #906: Mountain Lion Plugin crashes when setxattr called
Please note that the MacOSX platform was the reason we introduced the xattr stuff in the first place, as otherwise th... Volker Grabsch
02:40 Exiv2 Bug #910 (Assigned): Bug #836 possibly reintroduced: writeMetadata() destroys resource fork on MacOS X for big files (>1MB)
I believe that the fix for #906 reintroduced bug #836.
The fix for #906 (as I understand it) solves the problem by...
Volker Grabsch

17 Mar 2013

11:48 Exiv2 Bug #893: EPS: crash on invalid input
I'd love to fix it myself, but unfortunately my time is very limited at the moment. So I won't be able to provide a f... Volker Grabsch

19 Dec 2012

07:19 Exiv2 Bug #874 (Resolved): Tiff-test fails
This issue has been introduced by commit r2935 which didn't refactor the script properly.
I just fi...
Volker Grabsch
07:18 Exiv2 Bug #874 (Closed): Tiff-test fails
The test script fails in the current trunk r2956. The error message starts with:... Volker Grabsch
07:18 Exiv2 Revision 2957 (exiv2): Issue #874: Fix which hasn't been refactored properly in r2935
Volker Grabsch

14 Sep 2012

11:19 Exiv2 Revision 2874 (exiv2): Issue #847: Adjust preview tests to latest EpsImage changes
Volker Grabsch
10:39 Exiv2 Bug #847: Photoshop doesn't recognize its own EPS files after modification by Exiv2
I also verified that all Photoshop EPS test files ...... Volker Grabsch

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