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30 Sep 2013

02:08 Exiv2 Forum: RE: Exception: XMP JPEG segment is larger than 65535 bytes
Hi Robin, Ulrich,
there is a document "XMP Specification Part3: Storage in Files" from July 2010 which is availabl...
Michael Ulbrich

13 Jan 2012

04:32 Exiv2 Bug #800 (Closed): Missing Photoshop IRB types (8BIM, PHUT, DCSR, AgHg)
The assumption that image resource blocks (IRB) in JPEG (APP13) and PSD images always start with type designator "8BI... Michael Ulbrich

22 Aug 2011

04:29 Exiv2 Bug #765 (Closed): Debug messages of psdimages.cpp go to stdout instead of stderr
Michael Ulbrich
04:23 Exiv2 Patch #764 (Closed): PSD resource block handling patch II
Michael Ulbrich

22 Apr 2011

15:51 Exiv2 Forum: PSD preview implementation
Hi all,
please see attached patch for an implementation of reading PSD preview images. I'm not sure whether the ch...
Michael Ulbrich

04 Mar 2011

13:02 Exiv2 Patch #764 (Closed): PSD resource block handling patch II
1. A new XMP resource block has already been written. The old XMP resource block towards the end of the resource bloc... Michael Ulbrich

30 Nov 2010

15:28 Exiv2 Bug #743 (Rejected): Inconsistent XMP reads
A JPEG image contains - among others - the following metadata tags (command line utility exiv2-0.20, option -pa):
Michael Ulbrich

23 Oct 2010

14:22 Exiv2 Patch #738 (Closed): PSD resource block handling patch
1. In PsdImage::doWriteMetadata() the resourceNameLength was written modulo 0x000f. This is a bug since max name leng... Michael Ulbrich

22 Dec 2009

16:15 Exiv2 Bug #663: Failure to write to Jpeg from Canon Ixus - digikam bug 214636
Hi Andreas, all,
the original Photo1-beforemodif-tagLyon.JPG and Photo2-beforemodif-tagCuisine.JPG in https://bugs...
Michael Ulbrich

02 Jul 2009

04:32 Exiv2 Bug #533: Support multiple APP13 Photoshop 3.0 segments in a JPEG
Andreas Huggel wrote:
> Michael Ulbrich wrote:
> > We see two possibilities to get rid of the warnings:
> >
> > ...
Michael Ulbrich

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