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Release Date of v0.25

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31 Jul 2014
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Dear Release Manager,

the release of v0.25 is already delayed by 7 months. Is it known when there will be a new version? Thanks.

Best regards,



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The team is hard at work on v0.25 and expect it to be ready in November 2014. You can read the details:

Please peel free to ask here for additional information if you are concerned about our plan.



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Updated by Thomas Beutlich almost 7 years ago

How realistic is November 2014 for 0.25?


Updated by Robin Mills almost 7 years ago

Regrettably it's not realistic. I've been dragging my feet on integrating the Web Ready code and we've had difficulty with the video code failing the test suite on Visual Studio. I a little lacking in motivation and I've been off in the States on vacation/family stuff for a month.



Updated by Robin Mills over 6 years ago

The team met on Sunday 2015-04-26 at 13:00 GMT.

It was agreed to ship v0.25 on 15 May 2015. I've published the ship date as May 17 to give us an additional weekend to deal with last minute discoveries.

Robin will undertake the work to ensure the code does build and pass test on the 5 supported platforms and hopes to finish that by 2015-05-01. Andreas will prepare the release during the holiday weekend of May 2/3/4. Nehal will execute the release process in parallel with Andreas. The release process is documented and in the repository at <exiv2dir>/website/Checklist.txt

When the release GMC (Golden Master Candidate) is ready, we have two weeks for test and late fixes. Alan and Shawn will test the GMC.

This is by far the most substantial release of Exiv2. The transition from v0.24 to v0.25 is the largest increment in the history of the project. Highlights of the release include:

  1. More that 100 open issues have been resolved
  2. Many additional cameras and accessories
  3. Support for MinGW and Clang has been added
  4. Better MSVC support
  5. File analysis tools and documentation
  6. Experimental remote I/O support for http/s s/ftp ssh: file: and data:
  7. Experimental video read and write code
  8. Exiv2 has a Jenkins build server to build/test code on submission to trunk and selected branches

It was agreed to release more frequently in future. We hope that will be twice a year. The team will meet following Code Complete and GMC. Spring and Fall.


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