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rename: improve interaction in case of duplicates

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20 Jul 2014
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I'm renaming thousands of image and I'm often asked if I want to overwrite some file:

exiv2: File `./20100620_221919.jpg' exists. [O]verwrite, [r]ename or [s]kip?

Could you make this interaction easier? I have two suggestions:

1. If I click enter, it should take O (capital letter is the suggested and default action in Debian, usually.. e.g. apt-get)
2. Add an option to set this choice on the command line


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Added by Robin Mills over 7 years ago

Issue: #973. svn_version.h is now exported with headers to /usr/include/exiv2/svn_version.h



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Thanks for this. Can this be dealt with in a little script:

echo y y y y | exiv2 bla bla bla
yes | exiv2 bla bla bla

I've assigned this to Tuan as he's looking at some exiv2 command changes for 0.25. Providing a default response on the command line seems resonanable.



Updated by Robin Mills over 7 years ago

I've added Tuan to the watchers.

Tuan: I'm happy to discuss the off-line by email and we'll report our conclusion here when we've talked this over.


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We will not do anything about this for following reasons:

  1. There is a -f/--force switch provided for this purpose
  2. There are bash/script workarounds available
  3. This is a User Experience Issue. Exiv2 is technology and if the user wishes to modify the behaviour of exiv2.exe, he can do this with his local copy.

Updated by Andreas Huggel over 6 years ago

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