Bug #888

(near-)infinite loop in video decoders

Added by Alyssa Milburn over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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10 Mar 2013
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If I hand RiffVideo::nikonTagsHandler() data with a size value <4, then it subtracts 4 from it (riffvideo.cpp:745 at the time of writing)
and will loop for a very long time. I guess you could cause a similar effect by messing with the size value subtracted on line 751.

The attached file can be used as a testcase.

You can do a similar trick with AsfVideo::decodeBlock (which will loop forever if given size==0).

I don't know if you care about these kind of bugs. If you do, at a glance it looks like might be some other candidates for similar issues, at least on 32-bit platforms, such as jpgimage.cpp:187 (by overflowing the position if long is 32 bits), and psdimage.cpp:241/242 (by using a large value for resourceSize).


infiniteloop.riff (64 KB) infiniteloop.riff Alyssa Milburn, 10 Mar 2013 16:02



Updated by Abhinav Badola over 8 years ago

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Updated by Abhinav Badola over 8 years ago

Thank you Alyssa for reporting the crash.

Indeed it is a quite a notorious bug.
I will look into the matter asap and patch the video code accordingly.


Updated by Abhinav Badola over 8 years ago

Hi Alyssa,
I looked into the problem, and this is what I observed. Please correct me if I may have missed some point.

The file that you provided with the issue seems to have been generated manually. (I really appreciate the effort.)
But it seems that the file doesn't follow the RIFF standard specification.

I am saying this, because when I run the exiv2 utility while debugging the Video File, this is what I got as the size.

Tag = NCDT
Size = 153428472

The size is not turning out to be zero, as such.
I guess this is the reason for the long run of the loop that you specified, "and will loop for a very long time".
This simply means that it is trying to subtract 4 recursively from the size, and will definitely take time.

I guess this problem should not occur, if the file has proper fields according to the RIFF standards.

Please can you send a link or upload a proper RIIF or ASF file which would produce a similar effect.


Updated by Alyssa Milburn over 8 years ago

Sorry, if you don't care about bugs caused by invalid data, these bugs are irrelevant. That's why I said "I don't know if you care about these kind of bugs". Various projects are using libexiv2 right now for reading metadata on files which may have been downloaded from the internet, for example, so trusting input files sounds like a bad idea.


Updated by Andreas Huggel over 8 years ago

Thanks for reporting this issue, Alyssa. We do care about such things; making sure Exiv2 behaves well for any kind of input is a challenge that we have accepted. We have many checks to avoid issues with corrupted (or 'doctored') images in the more mature code and we'll be happy to add more. The video metadata support on the other hand is relatively new and has not been exposed to as many problematic files, so it may not be quite as stable.

Abhinav, see e.g., tiffvisitor.cpp for examples of sanity checks and how they are typically handled. Generally, if we detect an anomaly, we issue a warning, make sure the process doesn't fail (e.g., by skipping the suspicious section) and continue parsing as much of the remaining metadata as possible. Below is an example from this file. Without having looked at the reported case in detail, it sounds like a similar check might be possible to avoid processing unreasonably large values and avoid the reported issue(s). As you program more, it will become a reflex to consider "what if" scenarios and document your assumptions (e.g., using assert) in your code routinely, so that many such cases (never all) will be taken care of from the beginning.

        // Sanity check with an "unreasonably" large number
        if (n > 256) {
            EXV_ERROR << "Directory " << groupName(object->group()) << " with " 
                      << n << " entries considered invalid; not read.\n";

Updated by Abhinav Badola over 8 years ago

Thank you Alyssa and Andreas for your valuable feedback.
I will fix the errors asap.


Updated by Abhinav Badola over 8 years ago

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Hi Alyssa,

I have applied some patches in the latest revision R2996 and R2997.
I have tested thoroughly on my local machine, and now the code seems to be working fine.

Whenever you get time, please confirm if the bug is solved at your end as well.
Once I have your confirmation, I will be closing this issue and marking it as solved.

Thank you for your patience and support in making Video Code better.


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Updated by Robin Mills over 8 years ago

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Fixed in 0.24.


Updated by Robin Mills over 8 years ago

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Fixed in 0.24.

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