Bug #731

Error: Directory NikonPreview, entry 0xXXX has invalid size XXX*1; skipping entry.

Added by Ariel Garcia about 11 years ago. Updated about 11 years ago.

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26 Sep 2010
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When running

exiv2 -pc tree.jpg

on a jpg created with a Nikon camera (and reprocessed with gimp afterwards)
i get tons of Error messages like the following

$ exiv2 -pc tree.jpg
Error: Directory NikonPreview: Next pointer is out of bounds; ignored.
Warning: Directory NikonPreview, entry 0x0000 has unknown Exif (TIFF) type 8224; setting type size 1.
Error: Directory NikonPreview, entry 0x0000 has invalid size 538976288*1; skipping entry.
Warning: Directory NikonPreview, entry 0x2020 has unknown Exif (TIFF) type 512; setting type size 1.
Error: Offset of directory NikonPreview, entry 0x2020 is out of bounds: Offset = 0x00010201; truncating the entry

See the attached file for details.

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ff (13.5 KB) ff exiv 2 -pc stderr output Ariel Garcia, 26 Sep 2010 02:20



Updated by Andreas Huggel about 11 years ago

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I'm not sure what exactly this bug report claims is wrong.

Such messages typically indicate that part of the metadata structure (the Nikon preview IFD in this case) of the image was corrupted during an earlier image processing step. Exiv2 thus cannot read nor write to that part of the metadata. It can still read and write other parts of the Exif metadata.

Exiv2 writes to Nikon images without corrupting this IFD, at least recent versions, which know about it do. So if the image metadata was corrupted by exiv2, please test with exiv2 0.20 and provide steps to reproduce the problem.

If the complaint is that these errors and warnings should be suppressed, then this is related to #476 and #614 which have been resolved recently.

As the bug seems to have originated from a digiKam user: libkexiv2, which is used by digiKam, was also changed (just yesterday) to make use of that new functionality. Please checkout exiv2 and libkexiv2 from SVN and build digiKam with these to test it.


Updated by Ariel Garcia about 11 years ago

Thanks Andreas,
yes you are right, sorry...

I now checked and the messages don't come up with the original (Nikon) .JPG (nor .NEF), but only for the GIMP-postprocessed files!! :-(
So i guess the bug has to be filled against Gimp...

Thanks again and sorry for the dummy bug.


Updated by Ariel Garcia about 11 years ago

To be more concrete: i checked the cameras' original .JPG -> no errors nor warnings
and then opened and saved (no editing took place) that same file with Gimp -> error message appeared.


Updated by Andreas Huggel about 11 years ago

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