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silence warnings from code

Added by drhex - almost 13 years ago. Updated almost 11 years ago.

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29 Jan 2009
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When exiv2 is scanning the metadata of images, it often outputs warnings about minor problems on the console that makes it difficult to find messages about more acute problems. I know that one can run ./configure with -DSUPPRESS_WARNINGS to get it more quiet, but I reckon many users will have "apt-get installed" exiv2 rather than compiling it for themselves.
How about changing all the lines that now does e.g.
std:cerr << "Blah blah";
so that they instead call some central message-output method and also supply a severity level with the message.
Then, the code that calls exiv2 methods could call some method to set a threshold for which messages are passed thru to cerr.

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Revision 2344 (diff)
Added by Andreas Huggel about 11 years ago

#476, #614: Introduced class LogMsg for enhanced logging, migrated all existing warnings and error messages (not the exceptions) to use the new logic. Every log message now has a type (debug, info, warning, error). Applications can set a logging level to determine which messages are processed and supply a custom log message handler at runtime. (Based on a contribution by Simson Garfinkel.)

Revision 2415 (diff)
Added by Andreas Huggel almost 11 years ago

#476, #614: Simplified LogMsg. It's not quite as elegant as before anymore but should be much more portable and more efficient. (MSVC 7.1 didn't like the original implementation.)



Updated by Andreas Huggel about 11 years ago

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Applications can now set the log level to determine which log messages they are interested in:

// Set the log level to only show errors (and suppress warnings, informational and debug messages)

To suppress all log messages set the log level to Exiv2::LogMsg::mute or set the log message handler to 0 (see #476).
For more details, see the new class Exiv2::LogMsg (error.hpp)

The SUPPRESS_WARNINGS mechanism still exists, in case there is a need to avoid compiling the log messaging calls in the library completely.


Updated by Andreas Huggel almost 11 years ago

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