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Add support for Samsung's .SRW raw format

Added by Oleg Yermakov about 11 years ago. Updated almost 11 years ago.

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16 Sep 2010
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Samsung had recently made the worst thing I could expect from them — they invented the new .SRW raw file format for their new NX series cameras.

The problem is: nothing supports it currently, except for Samsung's branded raw processor for Windows® (Silkypix or something like that) and Adobe's Lightroom & DNG converter.
Proof & examples:

They say (at , for example), that SRW is just TIFF with no additional markers and but with lot of proprietary stuff inside.

Samsung's NX series is gaining popularity, so it could be an important and requested feature.

An «Rapid photo downloader» software developer pointed me that you're to add support for SRW first before he could add it to his program too.

Associated revisions

Revision 2353 (diff)
Added by Andreas Huggel about 11 years ago

#726: Added support for thumbnail found in sub-IFD of IFD1 of Samsung .SRW files.

Revision 2357 (diff)
Added by Andreas Huggel about 11 years ago

#726: Added support for Samsung2 makernote. (Pretty-print and easy-access functions not done yet.)

Revision 2358 (diff)
Added by Andreas Huggel about 11 years ago

#726: Added pretty-print and easy-access functions for the Samsung2 makernote.

Revision 2359 (diff)
Added by Andreas Huggel about 11 years ago

#726: Tweak to make it select the correct primary image.



Updated by Andreas Huggel about 11 years ago

If these files are really just like TIFF files then exiv2 should work just fine.

Can you try with the exiv2 command line tool whether you can read and maybe even write to these files?

Exiv2 doesn't support Samsung makernotes yet, so writing will probably corrupt the makernote and chances are the resulting image can't be displayed anymore.


Updated by Oleg Yermakov about 11 years ago

reading tags:

$ exiv2 print SAM_6972-test.srw  
File name       : SAM_6972-test.srw
File size       : 28138208 Bytes
MIME type       : image/tiff
Image size      : 0 x 0
Camera make     : SAMSUNG        
Camera model    : NX10           
Image timestamp : 2010:09:09 00:14:46
Image number    : 
Exposure time   : 1/8 s
Aperture        : F2
Exposure bias   : 0 EV
Flash           : No flash
Flash bias      : 
Focal length    : 30.0 mm
Subject distance: 
ISO speed       : 800
Exposure mode   : Aperture priority
Metering mode   : Multi-segment
Macro mode      : 
Image quality   : 
Exif Resolution : 
White balance   : Auto
Thumbnail       : None
Copyright       : 
Exif comment    : 

$ exiv2 print SAM_6972-test.srw -ph >print-ph.txt →

reading preview:

$ exiv2 print SAM_6972-test.srw -pp
Preview 1: image/jpeg, 4592x3056 pixels, 5994834 bytes

Extracted SAM_6972-test-preview1.jpg is sane JPEG image, although preview for the .SRW itself doesn't show anywhere

extracting tags:

$ exiv2 extract SAM_6972-test.srw  
./SAM_6972-test.exv: Could not write metadata to file: Size of Exif JPEG segment is larger than 65535 bytes

The resulting SAM_6972-test.exv is only 9 bytes long and contains just the EXIF header:


$ exiv2 -M"set Exif.Photo.UserComment charset=Ascii New Exif comment" SAM_6972-test.srw 
$ exiv2 print SAM_6972-test.srw | grep comment
Exif comment    : New Exif comment

So, the empty «image size» field is only serious problem I see. But it is populated in EXIF as you can see in the print -ph output.


Updated by Oleg Yermakov about 11 years ago

Ooops, bad news: Adobe DNG converter no longer thinks it's still SRW after I added a comment to the image.

Maybe it's bacause size of the file changed from 28138208 to 28130514 bytes.


Updated by Andreas Huggel about 11 years ago

Thanks for testing. Chances are this can be made to work without too much effort. I'll give it a try, but that will be earliest over the weekend.



Updated by Andreas Huggel about 11 years ago

I've added support for the Samsung makernote. Can you run your tests again with the current revision from SVN (r2357)?


Updated by Andreas Huggel about 11 years ago

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Considered done. Needs some real-world feedback now.


Updated by Gilles Caulier about 11 years ago


For digiKam, i need to know if SRW file are supported as Read Only or as Read/Write.

Gilles Caulier


Updated by Andreas Huggel about 11 years ago



Updated by Andreas Huggel almost 11 years ago

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