Bug #682

Olympus (E-1 and E-300) makernote flavour not supported: libexiv2 destroy some exif data on write

Added by Johann-Nikolaus Andreae almost 12 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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11 Feb 2010
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Writing a tag to a immage destroy some olympus exiv data.
I found this bug using digikam an report it. See
In this report are example data for verification.

I reporduce the bug using $exiv2 -M "set Exif.Image.Artist Ascii nobody" image.jpg


bug225272.jpg (88.4 KB) bug225272.jpg Sample from digiKam bug 225272 Andreas Huggel, 16 Feb 2010 22:22
p20090613_104056.jpg (5.97 MB) p20090613_104056.jpg Matěj Cepl, 30 Oct 2010 06:21



Updated by Andreas Huggel almost 12 years ago

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This is the result of missing support for this particular version of the Olympus Makernote.
The following comment from exiftool explains in detail:

# Olympus really screwed up the format of the following subdirectories (for the
# E-1 and E-300 anyway). Not only is the subdirectory value data not included in
# the size, but also the count is 2 bytes short for the subdirectory itself
# (presumably the Olympus programmers forgot about the 2-byte entry count at the
# start of the subdirectory).  This mess is straightened out and these subdirs
# are written properly when ExifTool rewrites the file.  (This problem has been
# fixed in the new-style MakerNoteOlympus2 maker notes since a standard SubIFD
# offset value is used.) - PH

Exiv2 currently only supports the newer Olympus Makernotes that use standard SubIFD offset values for these subdirectories (called 'MakerNoteOlympus2' in exiftool and the comment above). As a result, Exiv2 does not decode the directories


and they are potentially corrupted when Exiv2 attempts to write to the Exif data (only in case of non-intrusive writing).

Changing Priority to 'Normal', this issue affects only specific Olympus camera models as it seems and is a feature, rather than a bug.


Updated by Andreas Huggel over 11 years ago

  • Subject changed from libexiv destroy some exif data on write to Olympus (E-1 and E-300) makernote flavour not supported: libexiv2 destroy some exif data on write

Updated by Matěj Cepl about 11 years ago

Just adding mee too here ... E-510 procued the attached image. For more information and whole saga see


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This issue has been in the database for 5 years and nobody else has requested progress with this matter. So, unless you engage to persuade me to keep this matter alive, it will be closed on April 30 as "no longer needed/wanted".


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