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We have found out that the reason for the issue reported in #1175 is the usage of signed offsets instead of unsigned and the following 2 changes in tiffvisitor.cpp fix it for us:

<                 int32_t offset = getLong(object->pData() + 4*i, byteOrder());
>                 uint32_t offset = getLong(object->pData() + 4*i, byteOrder());

<         int32_t offset = getLong(p, byteOrder());
>         uint32_t offset = getLong(p, byteOrder());

Please consider integrating this fix in the next release.

P.S. sorry for not providing the SVN-style patch file, I hope since this is just two letters added (*u*int32_t in 2 places) you can reapply it manually or somehow use the attached diff file.

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RE: Ticket1175 - Added by Robin Mills over 5 years ago

Fix submitted r4269. Thank You for reporting this issue (#1175) and providing the patch.