Small patch to parse TIFF PageNumber

Added by Mario Emmenlauer over 6 years ago

Dear Exiv2 developers,

I have a small issue with MetaXpress meta data. When I read the image (link below), the TIFF tag "PageNumber" was not resolved as a name. From the description I found at, I tried to implement parsing. Can you please review attached patch and decide if you would like to include it?

The image I used is here:

All the best, and thanks for your great work,

Mario Emmenlauer

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RE: Small patch to parse TIFF PageNumber - Added by Robin Mills over 6 years ago


Thanks for raising this subject. I've open Issue #1044 and assigned it to Thomas for review and recommendation.

Let's continue the conversation on the issue thread.

Thank You very much for putting in effort to this matter. Open source works by folks being willing to investigate and solve puzzles. By working together, we all prosper and gain. Thank You.