Almost pointless post.

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Hey, folks. Remember me?

Over the last three months, I've been trying to figure out why the Windows-native versions of Pierre Gougelet's XnView display XMP data in such a rough fashion in the XMP tab of the browser. The version of Exiv2 I've been running, 0.22 (has it been THAT long? Yes, it has,unfortunately.) apparently writes XMP data that "parses" - for want of the right term - in that tab as one long string of text. Now here's the curious bit: if I vexX a JPEG file, delete the XMP data appropriately, ie,with a -vkdx command, and "restore it with -vkixX, XnVIew Win32 (or 64) display the data in that tab no differently from what it (or Phil Harvey's Exiftool) writes to a file. I'd attach an example - I very much want to -- but as I'm writing this on a stock iPod and neither of my "ordinary" computers have Net access anymore, such a thing isn't possible. That's the "almost pointless" part of this post.

Imagine trying to move furniture to the second floor of a two story house in a snowstorm when your staircase is collapsed and the ceilings are too damp to keep pulleys mounted. That's a fair, if colorful, analogy for my situation. As a one-and-only means of doing anything serious on the Net, iPods don't cut it, IMO.


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Happy New Year. Of course we remember you. Mind you it seems a while since we last heard from you. I've got to admit that I know nothing moving furniture in s snow storm. I think you've titled your post with wit and accuracy. I haven't been able to decode your question. Maybe if you get a windows machine with an internet connection, you'll be able to give us a test file and some debug information/ screenshots so that we can help you.

Best Wishes for 2014


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I'm working on doing just that -- via WiFi hotspot and wireless-to-wired converter (so as not to lose my fixed LAN IPs). When I have that up and running (fingers crossed X 2 LOL), I'll log onto the forum or the main site and link an example to this thread.

I'd actually forgotten I'd posted on this issue already. :-)

SJ Wright

RE: Almost pointless post. - Added by Steve Wright over 6 years ago

I've been giving this some thought, and I don't think it's Exiv2 that's causing XnView to display XMP written by it in an "unreadable" way. I can't remember doing a compile in either Cygwin or GNOME where there weren't minor errors reported during the XMP stage of the "make" process. That might explain why, in writing XMP directly to a file (or obliquely, as from an .exv sidecar), the code looks "bunched up" in XnView while, when removed and rewritten from an XML file created by Exiv2, it looks fine.

In other words, Andreas' code isn't faulty, neither is M. Gougelet's: my GCC+ compilers are. And this opens up another can of worms and wondering. Would it be the same on different hardware or with different Linux/Unixes? Probably. Would looking at the make log of a newer install -- I doubt I could find any old ones -- that had the same or similar errors in that stage of installation be worth looking over? I think that's a route I'd like to follow. If nothing else, it'll give me a reasonable excuse to bring my Exiv2 up to date. :-)

S Wright