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08 Jun 2018

06:56 Exiv2 Patch #1356 (Closed): Small patch to
There is a small issue in when it replaces the GUIDs of the existing projects.
The line olduid=lin...

15 Sep 2016

11:47 Exiv2 Feature #1219: Adding Camera Temperature
Hi Dr. Attie,
I have been in hibernation for a while and am jumping in at the very end without possibly understand...

30 Aug 2016

08:37 Exiv2 Bug #1203: Exif.CanonCs.FocusContinuous reported as Short
Sorry, Robin. I think you are talking about #1204 and #1205.
Thanks for offering to update the canonical test resu...

26 Aug 2016

13:35 Exiv2 Revision 4442 (exiv2): Moved ExifDatum::ignore from exif.hpp to the exif.cpp.
This frees up exif.hpp from needing to include tags_int.hpp.
The downside is that this function is no longer inline.
11:15 Exiv2 Revision 4441 (exiv2): Needs to be in the solution.
06:27 Exiv2 Revision 4439 (exiv2): Summary: Restored jbeu's formatting
05:36 Exiv2 Revision 4438 (exiv2): This is mainly a fix for #1206, but also interprets missing Canon Exif
Tags in exiv2 with the help of Phil Harvey's exiftool (see
03:54 Exiv2 Bug #1213: Using $(SolutionDir)../ as the prefix for include directories interfere with using pro...
Have checked in Revision r4437 to resolve this.
I will close it when I get an indication that this doesn't break a...
03:50 Exiv2 Revision 4437 (exiv2): Fix for
Two changes: add $(ProjectDir)../../src to the include path
change $(SolutionDir)../ to $(ProjectDir)../../ in order ...

25 Aug 2016

07:30 Exiv2 Bug #1213: Using $(SolutionDir)../ as the prefix for include directories interfere with using pro...
Specifically, this problem is found in the vcproj files of the msvc2005 folder. Nowhere else.

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