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19 Jun 2018

16:57 Exiv2 Forum: GIMP bug
Robin can you help here?
Thank for your work

21 Mar 2018

20:34 Exiv2 Forum: RE: Avoid printstructure in API-access
That worked - thanks!

20 Mar 2018

22:48 Exiv2 Forum: Avoid printstructure in API-access
Hi - I use libexiv2 from my own project to parse image metadata. I recently updated from 0.24 to trunk.
Some files...

20 Dec 2015

00:46 Exiv2 Feature #1140 (Closed): Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM
This lens appears to be in the latest canonmn.cpp with tag value 4154, but my camera (Canon EOS 30D) with the lens do...

17 Aug 2015

13:07 Exiv2 Forum: XmpParser::registerNs calls unimplemented method SXMPMeta::DeleteNamespace
There is an SXMPMeta::DeleteNamespace call in XmpParser::registerNs (xmp.cpp). That method just throws an exception. ...

15 Jul 2015

09:07 Exiv2 Forum: RE: Read interpreted exif-values from ExifData
I think it depends on the individual camera model which tags are written, not all models are completely consistent. F...

12 Jul 2015

14:56 Exiv2 Forum: RE: Bug-report: libexiv2 should hide XMP-SDK symbols
Hmm, strange. I just checked and indeed nm shows the symbols as defined locally only. When I use cmake instead of aut...

10 Jul 2015

12:32 Exiv2 Forum: RE: Read interpreted exif-values from ExifData
Ok, answering myself after reading through some of Exiv2's code.
Seems, like the interpretation of vendor-specific...
10:54 Exiv2 Forum: Bug-report: libexiv2 should hide XMP-SDK symbols
Sorry for posting here - I seem to be unable to open an issue report with this account or at least cannot find a link...

09 Jul 2015

19:16 Exiv2 Forum: Read interpreted exif-values from ExifData
I'm a bit confused about the Exiv2-API. I'm trying to read Exif-data and don't understand how to get to interp...

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