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08:24 Exiv2 Bug #1353 (Closed): Segmentation fault in the software exiv2 when the function Exiv2::tEXtToDataB...
We will not accept bug reports which use the option -pR. That option is provided for debugging only. In v0.27, it w...

21 May 2018

06:14 Exiv2 Forum: RE: Library examples - Looking for an image that contains meta data from this page - Examp...
In 10 years of contributing to Exiv2, I've never noticed this sample! Good News: I believe it's working as document...

19 May 2018

19:56 Exiv2 Feature #1352 (Closed): Support camera Canon M100
Thanks, Daniel for raising a PR on GitHub.
I'm closing this issue on Redm...
19:30 Exiv2 Feature #1352: Support camera Canon M100
Thank you for reporting this issue and providing a patch and test file. When we released v0.26, we move o...

10 May 2018

13:18 Exiv2 Bug #1347: Segfault in Digikam when saving/loading certain TIFF images
Apologies for the delay in dealing with this. I hosted the Exiv2 Developer's Meeting at my home last weekend and bee...
12:50 Exiv2 Feature #1351 (Closed): Add lens: Sigma 120-300mm f/2.8 G VR
Thank you for posting sample_raw on dropbox. Here's what I see:...
12:22 Exiv2 Forum: RE: Linking Problem with MinGW binary distribution and QT
I built and distributed Exiv2 v0.26 MinGW binaries with C++98 and there is a simple test to compile code t...
11:24 Exiv2 Feature #1350 (Closed): Add lens: AF-S DX Nikkor 18-140mm
Thanks for the update. I think we're closed on this issue.
11:18 Exiv2 Feature #1349 (Closed): Add lens: Sigma 50-100mm F1.8 DC HSM | A
This lens was added in 2016 and will be in v0.26 and later releases. ...

06 May 2018

15:16 Exiv2 Patch #1348 (Closed): patch: add Tamron SP AF 150-600mm F/5-6.3 VC USD G2 (A022) for Nikon

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