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16 Feb 2017

18:49 Exiv2 Feature #1269: Enable using dynamic runtime libs with when disabling shared libs for Windows
Thanks for reporting this. We made a policy decision (in 2008) to support "all dlls, or all static". Mikayel...
18:28 Exiv2 Bug #1268 (Closed): Building for debug in windows causes heap corruption error.
Fix submitted: r4708 Great team-work between Ben and Robin.
I discovered this tonight while investigating 1272/Re...
18:23 Exiv2 Revision 4708 (exiv2): #1268 Fix submitted. Ben and Robin both discovered and fixed this indepen...

15 Feb 2017

20:55 Exiv2 Patch #1272: Possible issue with temp files being left behind.
I've submitted a modified variant of your patch. The original code uses DeleteFile and not remove in MSVC. So no pa...
20:53 Exiv2 Revision 4707 (exiv2): #1272 Submitting modified version of Ben's patch.
19:46 Exiv2 Patch #1272: Possible issue with temp files being left behind.
I've discovered there MSVC test failures on the trunk. I think they've been here for a few weeks. These are "cloudi...
16:54 Exiv2 Patch #1271: Update printStructure
Fine. I'll do that after dinner when Alison goes to the Scottish Country Dancing. I'll also hope finish to my work ...
16:11 Exiv2 Patch #1271: Update printStructure
Do you want me to review and submit. Or only to review this patch?
13:41 Exiv2 Patch #1271: Update printStructure
The correct format is like this:...
11:37 Exiv2 Patch #1271: Update printStructure
Very good. Can you make the patch with the command: ...

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