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19 Jun 2018

17:02 Exiv2 Forum: RE: GIMP bug
Hi A
Yes I will help. I'm on vacation and will be home on Sunday evening (23 June). I'll look at this next week....

08 Jun 2018

13:46 Exiv2 Bug #1357: Support standard EXIF in PNG images
That's fine, Phil. As you can see, I monitor Redmine as documented. When Exiv2 moved to GitHub with v0.26, I didn't...
13:20 Exiv2 Bug #1357 (Assigned): Support standard EXIF in PNG images
Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Phil. I'll investigate and deal with this important matter.
Somebody br...
07:32 Exiv2 Patch #1356 (Closed): Small patch to
How nice to hear from you. I hope you and your family and your new house are all doing well. Everything'...

06 Jun 2018

20:25 Exiv2 Support #1355 (Closed): New lens Tamron 100-400mm F/4.5-6.3 Di VC USD
Good News! This is something you can fix for yourself:...

04 Jun 2018

12:49 Exiv2 Feature #885 (New): Exif read/write on HDR images
No progress has been made on this. In May, we had a team meeting at my home in England. We discussed v0.27 (later t...

23 May 2018

13:05 Exiv2 Bug #1354 (Closed): Inconsistency with long XMP namespaces (e.g. 'Iptc4xmpExt')
Phil. Thanks for contributing to this discussion. I think the capitalisation here is bizarre. I've run commands ab...
11:02 Exiv2 Bug #1354 (Assigned): Inconsistency with long XMP namespaces (e.g. 'Iptc4xmpExt')
Jim and Jens:
There has been very few changes (if any) to the XMP code in Exiv2 during the 10 years in which I hav...

22 May 2018

08:24 Exiv2 Bug #1353 (Closed): Segmentation fault in the software exiv2 when the function Exiv2::tEXtToDataB...
We will not accept bug reports which use the option -pR. That option is provided for debugging only. In v0.27, it w...

21 May 2018

06:14 Exiv2 Forum: RE: Library examples - Looking for an image that contains meta data from this page - Examp...
In 10 years of contributing to Exiv2, I've never noticed this sample! Good News: I believe it's working as document...

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