Goals for v0.28

Page Revised: 2017-11-14
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v0.28 Desirable Features

1 Improved raw image code and test (#992) GSoC
2 Update to latest Adobe XMPsdk (#941)
3 Coverity Scan (#883)
4 Harden the video code (#1068)
5 Additional image formats.
5.1) WebM: #1048
5.2) multi-page tiff: #1124
5.3) BigTiff: #1186
5.4) HDR: #885
5.5) SVG: #1086
5.6) PDF: #1138
6 Build projects:
6.1) Mobile (iOS and Android) build and test support GSoC
6.2) C++11 #1188
6.3) Additional MSVC support: #1174


I will support Exiv2 Users until December 2017. I will not undertake the development of v0.28. We have 4 new C++ Engineers on the team. We'll have a meeting in October 2016 to discuss the schedule for v0.27. Welcome to (in alphabetical order):

Luis, Michal, Dan and Marco.

The Future of Exiv2

Exiv2 v0.26 is the final version of Exiv2 in which I will take the lead role. I have other items to pursue on my bucket list: http://clanmills.com/BucketList.shtml When I retire from the project in December 2017, I will have contributed around 10,000 hours to Exiv2 over 10 years. That's enough. I have concluded that the best use of my time in 2017 is to keep the project alive by supporting users and mentoring new team members.

A very important goal is to find a new lead engineer in 2017. Exiv2 is an important part of the Linux Photographic Platform. The KDE Desktop, Dolphin, Konqueror, Darktable, DigiKam, GIMP, GwenView, PhotoFlow and many other applications rely on Exiv2 for Metadata Support. I will mentor anybody who wants to work on Exiv2.

Google Summer of Code (GSoC)

Google sponsor students to work on approved open-source projects for 12 weeks during the summer vacation. I would like to recruit two GSoC students to work on the raw and mobile tasks. I'd like students to work on those tasks for the following reasons:

1 The projects are well defined and isolated.
2 Mentoring/supervision demands should be modest.
3 No complex dependencies.
4 Allows me to have sufficient time to support users.

Version 0.27

This project is mostly security fixes. However there are significant improvements in the build and test architecture. The project will be supported on GitHub. https://github.com/Exiv2/exiv2/projects


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