Exiv2 v0.26 has been released on 2017-04-28

Added by Robin Mills over 1 year ago

I'm delighted to say that Exiv2 v0.26 has been released on 2017-04-28.

This is the largest and most comprehensive revision of Exiv2. 235 issues and requests have been resolved. 12 Major New Features. I would like to thank Andreas, Niels, Thomas, Alan and other contributors. In particular, I would like to thank Ben for his contributions and help since he joined the project in August 2016. I'd also like to thank Pat David for his behind the scenes encouragement. https://discuss.pixls.us/t/exiv2-v0-26-has-been-released/3733

I gave a remote presentation at LGM (Libre Graphics Meeting) in Rio on Saturday 2017-04-24. I appreciate the effort by Joao, Pat and Robert to make this happen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Fv57Lbhmqg

We are moving immediately to GitHub https://github.com/Exiv2/exiv2 Thanks to Ben for making this possible. The SVN repository remains on line for now and should be considered read-only.

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