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Added by Benjamin H. about 6 years ago


how does one correctly build the documentation? A make doc does not work right after a make or cmake using OS X or Linux. Should something be changed in the doc Makefiles?
Makefile:185: *** File ../../src/taglist does not exist. Did you build the library and programs in the src/ directory?.

It only works after one of this:
  1. make; export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=`pwd`/config/; make samples; cp bin/taglist src/
  2. mkdir build; cd build; cmake ..; make; cd ..; cp build/bin/taglist src/

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RE: Building docs & taglist - Added by Robin Mills about 6 years ago


I've never thought about how the docs get built. When I want the docs, I use the public web site:

Andreas builds the docs and updates the public website at release time, however I haven't thought about how they actually get built.


RE: Building docs & taglist - Added by Robin Mills about 6 years ago


I've done some work on this, and I believe you will be able to build the docs with 'make doc' using both CMake and ./configure builds. I still have some dependencies to fix in doc/Makefile and I'll deal with them after work this evening. I'm not planning to support building the docs with Visual Studio.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


RE: Building docs & taglist - Added by Alan Pater almost 4 years ago

I can build the docs successfully with:

~$ make samples
~$ make doc

But a lot of errors are generated. The errors are of the form:
   exiv2/trunk/include/exiv2/Jzon.h:400 warning: Member SetFormat(const Format &format) (function) of class Jzon::Writer is not documented.

RE: Building docs & taglist - Added by Robin Mills almost 4 years ago


These messages come from the jzon library code (Jzon.cpp and Jzon.hpp). We should exclude this from the documentation generation as that code is externally imported. There's a configuration file in the docs in which you can tell doxygen to stop worrying about this.

I have thought about not including this code in libexiv2 and compiling/linking it with samples/exiv2json.cpp. However I'm working with Mikayel to enhance exv2json.cpp to illustrate building xmp deep recursive data structures. So, I think we should leave the Jzon code in the library.

I believe Johan (the author of Jzon) has released v2.0 of his library. I've been too busy to investigate using that. We should adopt Jzon v2.0 as an external library (much as expat, lib and so on). However, for the moment, let's leave Jon.cpp/.hpp in our code-base and configure doxygen to remain calm.

Happy Good Friday from a very wet evening in Sheffield, Yorkshire.



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