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Mahesh Hegde, 26 May 2014 09:56

Supported video formats

The following table shows supported video formats and support level for release 0.24.

Container Type - RIFF
video/AVI Read
Container Type - Matroska
MIME type XMP mode MIME type XMP mode MIME type XMP mode
video/MKA Read video/MKV Read video/MKS Read
Container Type - Quicktime
MIME type XMP mode MIME type XMP mode MIME type XMP mode MIME type XMP mode
video/MSNV Read video/mmp4 Read video/F4V Read video/dv3a Read
video/NDAS Read video/mp21 Read video/JP2 Read video/dv3b Read
video/NDSC Read video/mp41 Read video/JP20 Read video/dvr1 Read
video/NDSH Read video/mp42 Read video/KDDI Read video/dvt1 Read
video/NDSM Read video/mp71 Read video/M4A Read video/isc2 Read
video/NDSP Read video/mqt Read video/M4B Read video/iso2 Read
video/NDSS Read video/niko Read video/M4P Read video/isom Read
video/NDXC Read video/odcf Read video/M4V Read video/jpm Read
video/NDXH Read video/opf2 Read video/M4VH Read video/jpx Read
video/NDXM Read video/opx2 Read video/M4VP Read video/mj2s Read
video/NDXP Read video/pana Read video/MPPI Read video/mjp2 Read
video/NDXS Read video/qt Read video/sdv Read video/ssc1 Read
video/NIKO Read video/ssc2 Read

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