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Mahesh Hegde, 26 May 2014 09:46

Supported video formats

The following table shows supported video formats and support level for release 0.24.

Container Type - RIFF
Container Type - Quicktime
MIME type XMP mode MIME type XMP mode MIME type XMP mode MIME type XMP mode
MSNV Read mmp4 Read F4V Read dv3a Read
NDAS Read mp21 Read JP2 Read dv3b Read
NDSC Read mp41 Read JP20 Read dvr1 Read
NDSH Read mp42 Read KDDI Read dvt1 Read
NDSM Read mp71 Read M4A Read isc2 Read
NDSP Read mqt Read M4B Read iso2 Read
NDSS Read niko Read M4P Read isom Read
NDXC Read odcf Read M4V Read jpm Read
NDXH Read opf2 Read M4VH Read jpx Read
NDXM Read opx2 Read M4VP Read mj2s Read
NDXP Read pana Read MPPI Read mjp2 Read
NDXS Read qt Read sdv Read ssc1 Read
NIKO Read ssc2 Read

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