How do I request changes to Maker Notes for New Camera Models and Accessories

Please identify the change that is required to support this. Please try to provide the following:

1) File an issue to identify the change (eg 1234)
2) Please provide a patch: Issue1234.patch
3) Please provide a test image: Test1234.jpg (or png or tiff)
4) State the difference in output from the exiv2 application (and command-line arguments used)

To create a patch file, please:

$ cd <exiv2dir>
$ svn diff > Issue1234.patch

To create a test image, please:
1 Copy your image and downsize the copy to 50k or less
2 Use samples/metacopy to copy the meta data from the origin large image to the small image.

To create sample output:

Run your image through exiv2 (or any of the programs in samples) and provide the output before and after your patch. Usually, you can filter the output with grep to focus on the change:

$ cd <exiv2dir>
$ bin/exiv2 -pa Test1234.jpg | grep Lens

If you follow this procedure, your patch will usually be added to the trunk within 24 hours. The test suite will be updated to use your test image.

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