About the Exiv2 Jenkins build server

Exiv2 has a build server which has been implemented using Jenkins. It runs on a Mac Mini that sits in Robin's home in England. It uses Parallels Desktop to run Ubuntu and Windows 10 virtual machines. For trunk and selected branches, the build server will build and run the test suite when code is submitted. The following platforms are built: Mac / Linux / Cygwin / MinGW / MSVC.

The build server is visible at:

Daily, weekly and monthly builds are available for public download. By default, you are using the build server as a guest and have read access. So you may inspect the output of builds - however you can't trigger a build on demand. To request a user account, please email Robin privately to be allocated a username/password.

The build server was first implemented in Fall 2014. The buildserver was upgraded to Windows 10 on 2015-12-01. The upgrade process went smoothly and the buildserver is working again without much effort. The buildserver performs daily builds on Mac/Linux/Cygwin/MinGW and MSVC 2005/8/10/12/13/15.

If anybody would like to get involved in the development of the Jenkins build server, please email Robin privately. All help is appreciated.

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