Bug #802

Multiple declaration for rcsId

Added by Pavel Heimlich almost 10 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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22 Jan 2012
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building exiv2 (0.22, but also in previous versions) fails with the below error:

cd src && /usr/bin/gmake
gmake1: Entering directory `/var/tmp/exiv2/exiv2-0.22/src'
sed 's/#define \([A-Z]\)/#define EXV_\1/; s/#undef \([A-Z]\)/#undef EXV_\1/' < ../config/config.h > exv_conf.h
libtool: compile: /opt/test2/SolarisStudio12.3-solaris-x86-bin/solarisstudio12.3/bin/CC -xldscope=hidden -I. "-DEXV_LOCALEDIR=\"/usr/local/share/locale\"" -I../xmpsdk/include -c -DEXV_BUILDING_LIB=1 basicio.cpp -KPIC -DPIC -o .libs/basicio.o
"error.cpp", line 29: Error: Multiple declaration for rcsId.
1 Error(s) detected.

I don't know what purpose the line 'const char* rcsId = getRcsId(rcsId);' has, rcsId is not mentioned anywhere else in the project ...

This is on Solaris 11, using the Solaris Studio 12.3 compiler, x86



Updated by Andreas Huggel almost 10 years ago

This is an old way to mark each object file. See the comments in rcsid_int.hpp and man ident(1) for more info. It has been there in this exact form for as long as I can remember but I must say I've never used that marker in any way, maybe it should be cleaned out one of these days.


Updated by Andreas Huggel over 9 years ago

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Looking at the error message a bit more closely, why does the compiler complain about error.cpp when it's compiling basicio.cpp?


Updated by Pavel Heimlich over 9 years ago

hmm, that's weird. Probably I pasted output from parallel make, so the basicio.cpp is irrelevant here. I'm not sure now.


Updated by Robin Mills over 6 years ago

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I'm going to mark this "Resolved" as there is nothing further to discuss here.


Updated by Andreas Huggel over 6 years ago

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