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Tag 0x0203 in Olympus makernotes should be "Lens ID"

Added by Mark Haun over 11 years ago. Updated almost 11 years ago.

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18 Jul 2010
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Another observation from my Olympus E-PL1 exif output. The only field containing the plaintext name of the lens is 0x0203, which exiv2 currently does not show without a "-u" flag. E.g.,

$ exiv2 -u -pa p7110539.orf
Exif.OlympusEq.LensType Byte 6 0 0 5 16 0 0
Exif.OlympusEq.LensSerialNumber Ascii 32 AAG203996
Exif.OlympusEq.0x0203 Ascii 32 OLYMPUS M.14-42mm F3.5-5.6 L
Exif.OlympusEq.LensFirmwareVersion Long 1 4098

According to
this tag should be called "Lens ID". I think some applications (e.g. darktable) need a tag with "lens" in its name to parse and send to lensfun to lookup a lens in its database.



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This tag was added with r2288 in a recent Olympus makernote update. It's called LensModel. Upgrade to the SVN trunk version to get it, see

How come in 1.orf (from #711) the value of this tag is empty?


Updated by Mark Haun over 11 years ago

That was easy :) Thanks.

The file 1.orf was probably shot with a manual-focus adapted lens. One of the perks of u4/3s is the short back-focus to the sensor, so you can adapt virtually any lens ever made for 35mm. The native u4/3s lens selection is still a bit sparse (and darn expensive) so a lot of us are using old lenses; this is especially popular for macro work. I hope to set up a geeqie script that will let me select a group of images and write to this tag in all of them, manually adding the name of the lens.


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