Feature #681

Copy exif data when export preview

Added by FV P almost 12 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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10 Feb 2010
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1.00 h


Short description
add Exif data from original RAW file to the exported preview jpeg

How to do it
extend the -ep n switch (for example)

exiv2 has a great feature, extracting preview images from RAW files using the -ep n switch.
I find a good idea to provide a 'built-in' way to automatically insert original RAW Exif data
into exported preview, at least to preserve the 'auto-rotation' flag.



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This issue has been in the database for 7 years and nobody else has requested progress with this matter. So, unless you engage to persuade me to keep this matter alive, it will be closed on April 30 as "no longer needed/wanted".

I think it's possible to do this with a bash/bat script. The preview can be extracted. The metadata can be extracted from the raw image to an .exv file from which it can copied to the preview. The sample application metacopy can be used to copy the metadata directly from the raw image to the preview.


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