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Feature Request - New Lens

Added by Mark Mangano almost 6 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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03 Feb 2016
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1.00 h


Hi. Could you add this lens? It's a Sony SEL35F18

Exif.Sony2.LensID Long 1 Manual lens
Exif.Photo.LensSpecification Rational 4 350/10 350/10 18/10 18/10
Exif.Photo.LensModel Ascii 16 E 35mm F1.8 OSS


DSC01220.jpg (1.49 MB) DSC01220.jpg Mark Mangano, 03 Feb 2016 00:55

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Updated by Robin Mills almost 6 years ago

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Your lens cannot be identified. It is using the LensID of -1 which is shared by many lenses. I'm not sure why the manufacturer uses LensID of -1. I suspect it is because the lens is unknown to the camera firmware. A camera firmware upgrade may help.

$ exiv2 -pv -g lens/i ~/Downloads/DSC01220.jpg 2>/dev/null
0xb027 Sony2        LensID                      Long        1  65535
We have an (optional) new feature in development for v0.26 #1034 which will use exiftool over a webservice which produces the following output.
$ exiftool ~/Downloads/DSC01220.jpg  | grep Lens
Lens Type                       : E-Mount, T-Mount, Other Lens or no lens
Lens Spec                       : Unknown (00 0 0 0.3 0 3f)
Lens Mount 2                    : Unknown (192)
Lens Type 3                     : Unknown (49344)
Lens E-mount Version            : c0.c0
Lens Firmware Version           : Ver.c0
Lens Format                     : Unknown (64)
Lens Mount                      : Unknown (192)
Lens ID                         : Sony E 35mm F1.8 OSS
So with version v0.26, your lens will be recognised as 'Sony E 35mm F1.8 OSS'. exiftool is able to perform this recognition using a "heuristic" (a guess). The "heuristic" works by inspecting other metadata in the image such as FocalLength and Aperture to guess the Lens.
$ exiv2 -pv -g lens/i -g focal/i -g aper/i ~/Downloads/DSC01220.jpg 2>/dev/null
0x9205 Photo        MaxApertureValue            Rational    1  434/256
0x920a Photo        FocalLength                 Rational    1  350/10
0xb027 Sony2        LensID                      Long        1  65535
0xa405 Photo        FocalLengthIn35mmFilm       Short       1  52
$ exiv2 -pa -g lens/i -g focal/i -g aper/i ~/Downloads/DSC01220.jpg 2>/dev/null
Exif.Photo.MaxApertureValue                  Rational    1  F1.8
Exif.Photo.FocalLength                       Rational    1  35.0 mm
Exif.Sony2.LensID                            Long        1  Manual lens
Exif.Photo.FocalLengthIn35mmFilm             Short       1  52.0 mm
Our wonderful makernote engineer, Niels has gone back to college in addition to his very demanding day job. I have taken over our makernote support in additional to many other roles. Having fixed about 20 lenses, I've reached the conclusion that Exiv2 is not going to replicate all the code in exiftool for this "heuristic". The aim of Exiv2 is to reliably read/write metadata in the image. Lens recognition based on a "heuristic" is non-determistic and therefore can never be reliable. The web service to call exiftool will be used in future when the LensID = -1 (or any of the many other duplicated LensIDs).

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