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Clarification for the Exiv2 license

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I understand that Exiv2 uses the GPL2 license.
My questions regard your interpretation of it:

1. What is the cost of the license for using Exiv2 in a proprietary commercial product with closed source?
2. Does using Exiv2 in an open-source product require a license?
3. The source and copyrights of the Exiv2 code need to be clearly acknowledged.
Would you consider the existing copyright notice in the source files of Exiv2 as sufficient?



Updated by Alan Pater about 6 years ago

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1) I believe you need to email Andreas privately regarding that.

2) The license is the GPL2. You have all the rights and obligations of that license. The GPL is a very, very commonly used license in all sorts of software projects. Follow industry standards and you will not have any issues.

3) Yes. Following industry norms, the license is in the file COPYING.

For a further discussion on these topics, perhaps you want to look at:


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I'm going to close this issue as no further work can be done. The GPL2 license is published. The commercial license (and price) is a private matter which has to discussed with Andreas. The suitability of either license for your purposes is a legal matter about which Team Exiv2 cannot offer an opinion.


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