Robin is Retiring from Exiv2

Added by Robin Mills about 4 years ago

I am retiring from Exiv2 at the end of this week (30 September 2017). I announced last year that I would retire at the end of 2017. Alison and I are about to set off on a 9 week journey to visit friends and attend 2 weddings along the way. It will be early December when we return home. When travelling, I’m unable to do “heavy” development tasks, so whether I retire now or Christmas is effectively the same.

I will be available for consultation by email over the next few months, however I will not be dealing with the Forum or Issues Reported on GitHub or Redmine.

It’s been an amazing adventure to be involved with Exiv2 and there are several folks to be thanked. Andreas, Niels, Ben, Luis, Alan, Michal and Thomas B instantly spring to mind. The Students from Google Summer of Code and numerous users with whom I’ve had enjoyable conversations. Alison and I were invited to a couple of weddings!

So 10 years of contributions and 10,000 hours of effort come to an end. I hope that someone with carry the torch of Exiv2 into the future and I assure them of my support if they require mentoring, or any other help I can provide.