Team and User Meeting 2017-04-02 at 14:00 UTC

Added by Robin Mills over 4 years ago

Team Meeting to Discuss v0.27

Agenda and Slides to be attached to this Forum Discussion.

Exiv2 is a great success and used by many people. Robin is being burnt out by being pulled in too many directions including:

  • basicio
  • build
  • buildserver
  • coverity
  • GitHUB
  • i18n
  • image formats
  • lens recognition
  • makernotes
  • metadata
  • MinGW
  • MSVC
  • project management
  • release
  • sample apps
  • support
  • test
  • video
  • XMP
  • XMPsdk

One solution to avoid burn out is to have more contributors. More folks like Niels (lens) or Ben (GitHUB) or Alan (XMP) or Thomas (i18n) or Mahesh (coverity) would make such a difference. We have new contributors: Sridhar , Raphael and Troy joining us in 2017.

Let’s get the team to pull together so that nobody is overloaded. If every team member volunteers to “own” two topics, Robin will avoid burn out and everybody will be involved and make a valuable contribution. I’m happy to discuss 1-to-1 if anybody would like to know more about any topic.

Robin wants to step down from leading Exiv2 by the end of 2017. Robin wants to reduce his effort on Exiv2 to a couple of topics to make time to study at the Open University for an MPhil in Project Planning.

There is a discussion about possible projects for v0.27 here: That document will be maintained and updated as the v0.27 project progresses.

There are ideas about getting students from GSoC to work with us in 2017. That will not happen. v0.26 has been delayed for many good reasons and Robin did not advertise for students from GSoC.