GSoC 2015 Planning

Added by Robin Mills over 7 years ago

Exiv2 has been involved with Google Summer of Code 2012 and 2013.

In 2012, we were joined by Abhinav and he added the Video Read code and was mentored by Andreas.

In 2013, we were joined by Mahesh and he added the Video Write code and was mentored by Abhinav.

In 2013, we were joined by Tuan and he add the Web Ready code and was mentored by Robin.

Thanks very much to Abhinav, Mahesh and Tuan for your diligence and success.

Tuan has generously volunteered to Mentor in GSoC 2015. The purpose of this topic is to enable team members to discuss possible projects. We will be expected to publish our project proposal in February 2015. Let's look ahead to plan a useful and successful project for 2015.

1 Mobile Support for Exiv2. iOS, winCE, Android.

There have been numerous requests on the Forum for support for winCE and iOS. Indeed, a couple of people have provided build scripts for iOS. I haven't been able to get any of the iOS contributions to work.

Andreas got Exiv2 to work on Android. I have ported a lot of code to winCE. I know Xcode/MacOS-X well. I've never actually worked on iOS, however it is similar.

2 Camera accessory overflow file.
This is to provide an ascii file for new cameras and accessories. This enable applications to update Maker Notes without compiling code.

This is probably quite easy, however let's not underestimate it. Every feature needs to be tested and has to be portable. And we don’t want to add boost to the build - so we need portable code to read configuration files.

I have suggested that this project can be used to test the C++ skills of students applying to join GSoC2015. Working with a student on a prototype is a very good way to establish a working relationship with candidates to join the program.

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RE: GSoC 2015 Planning - Added by Gilles Caulier over 7 years ago

See Below my ideas for next GSoC 2015 (through KDE/digiKam organization) :

- Add WepP Google Image format support (

- Add a database of AF areas for camera model and new methods to list active AF used for a shot. This include also some code in digiKam to display areas. If i remember, RawTherapee has already this kind of feature. See relevant bugzilla report here :

- Increase speed of tags writing. See relevant bugzilla report here :

- Compute non Exif photo information. See relevant bugzilla report here :

RE: GSoC 2015 Planning - Added by Robin Mills about 7 years ago

3 More RAW Images in test suite.
I know those are big/fat files. When WebReady is in the product (in v0.25) we can easily read meta-data over the internet without copying big/fat files.

4 Use JUnit to improve our code coverage in test
Title says it all.