Team Meeting 2014-07-06

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The Slides for the Discussion are here: [[]]
Thanks to Nehal, the transcript of the Google Chat is here: [[]]
Abhinav and Niels were unable to attend and both offered apologies.

First of all, I should have introduced Shawn and Nehal at the meeting. Both have agreed to join the team. Welcome. Shawn was very helpful with porting the Video Read code to DevStudio a couple of years ago. He has also contributed to the test harness. Nehal submitted a proposal for Web Ready for GSoC2013. Although the place was given to Tuan, I was very pleased that Nehal was awarded a place on another project. I've invited Nehal to join Team Exiv2 and I'm delighted that he has agreed to join us.

I’ve invited Shawn to become the Exiv2 Release Engineer and will assist Andreas for Exiv2 0.25.
I’ve invited Nehal to become the Exiv2 Build (and Test) Engineer and will work with Robin for Exiv2 0.25.

Mahesh has volunteered to deal with Coverity Scan. The agreement is that he will monitor Coverity (it’s a super-lint service). If Mahesh can’t handle something, he will report it on Redmine and the bug will be assigned and handled.

Andreas will handle API Management. We’ve never moved Exiv2 to version 1.0 because we’d like a never changing API. This would enable applications to change the Exiv2 dll/so/dylib without recompilation of application code. I believe 0.24 achieved a score of 99% compatibility with 0.23 so we’re getting close. Gilles joined us and provide a Wiki link with advice about this topic.

Tuan will graduate this week and start his first job later in July. Tuan has volunteered to Mentor on GSoC2015. I will open a topic on the forum for team discussion of possible projects for GSoC2015.

Nehal is going to work with me on Build Engineering. In particular, Robin will purchase a Mac-Mini in August to run a Jenkins build server. Thanks to Parallels, the machine will host Windows 7 and all Microsoft compilers. It will also run Ubunutu. And of course it’s a Mac. All the software is legal. So all team members will be able to build on M/W/L on all compilers. I hope this will be ready for team use by the end of September. Having a build server will greatly reduce the effort to build and test on the myriad of compilers (especially all versions of DevStudio).

Shawn joins the team and will work with Andreas on Release Engineering. I hope Shawn will be able to take on Release Engineering in 2015 and Andreas will be free to deal with other matters.

Andreas would like to refresh our XMP code from Adobe’s public source in 2015. This is non-trivial. In addition to Adobe’s code having a non-standard scripted/cmake thing for building, Andreas will have to port changes to Adobe code to cooperate correctly with Exiv2.

Niels was unable to join us. Niels has done great work with Maker Notes and is willing to continue in that role. I’ve suggested to Tuan that we add an “overflow” file to Exiv2. This would contain “hot updates” for cameras and accessories and enable applications to update device support without changing the version of the library. I think Tuan should consider this as a “test” for candidates for GSoC2015.

Gilles joined us. He has asked us to provide better CMake Support (especially for DevStudio). Nehal and Robin will work on that in 2015. Gilles would like us to have stronger API Management and Andreas has agreed to undertake that.

Robin will work with Mahesh in July to get the Video Write code onto the trunk. In August, Robin will work with Tuan to get Web Ready onto the trunk. In September, Robin will work with Nehal to get the Jenkins Build (and Test) Server fully operational. Robin will purchase a Mac Mini in August to run this service. A 5-minute Exiv2 Jenkins Build and Test Server video will be created to help the team quickly take advantage of this service.

Abhinav wasn't able to attend. I'd like Abhinav to think about Fuzzing Attacks and Code Hardening. About 18 months ago, we received a number of bug reports about this from a person at a University in Holland. Abhinav was involved in that effort and aware of this topic. We’re going to have to put more effort into this matter.

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RE: Team Meeting 2014-07-06 - Added by Robin Mills almost 7 years ago

v0.25 is "code complete" and on the trunk. All environments Mac/Linux/Cygwin/MinGW/MSVC build and pass the test suite. 32 and 64 bit builds. autotools, MSVC and CMake.

The major new feature is “webready” which is Tuan’s GSoC 2013 Project. To this have been added a new sample application exiv2json. Support is provided for MinGW 64 and 32 bit builds. MSVC support has been reorganised and streamlined. Mahesh has done work using Coverity to “lint” our code. Niels has done splendid work on our maker-note support. Nehal has been very helpful with the build infrastructure and documentation. Numerous bug fixes are included. The build server is fully operation and builds when changes are submitted to the trunk (and some other branches).

Regrettably, the GSoC 2013 video-write code has not been integrated. I believe it passes the test suite on Linux (and Mac and Cygwin), however it introduced test errors in existing code when built with MSVC. Mahesh and Abhinav agreed to deal with that back in October, however I guess they’ve been too busy at school/work.

Mahesh and Abhinav: May we have a hangout in January to figure out what to do? I believe I can fix everything, however I won’t have time in Q1/2015 to deal with it. So I’d like to defer video-write to v0.26. I will either fix video-write or mentor GSoC in 2015.

I don’t expect v0.25 to cause disruption on the trunk - however that possibility is always real with such a substantial change. Forgive me if there’s a little turbulence and I will fix any issues!

I’d like to introduce two new team members. Ocean has joined me in England as our graphic artist and designed a beautiful new logo which I’ll circulate for comment in January. Thomas has joined us from Germany and will help with i18n. Thomas is also a strong Windows/MSVC engineer.

Andreas and Shawn can you work together release v0.25 in 2015, please?

It’d like to thank Andreas, Brad and Nehal for very good work to re-host in October. The server is now working well and all our svn and forum history has been preserved. Good Work. Thank You, Gentlemen.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes to the Everybody. Alison and I are looking forward to our trip in early 2016 when we hope to meet you all.

RE: Team Meeting 2014-07-06 - Added by Tuan Nhu almost 7 years ago

Thank you so much for all of your hard work. I was busy with my first full-time job, so I did not involve a lot in Exiv2. I appreciate your help in integrating my GSoC13 code to trunk. I am looking forward to meet you in 2016.
I wish a very happy and prosperous new year to everyone.