Release 0.24 is finally out!

Added by Andreas Huggel over 6 years ago

This release introduces the video metadata support added by Abhinav Badola for GSoC 2012, and lots of makernote updates, especially added lenses. This is also the first release that includes the (still experimental) CMake build files.

Release 0.24 is not binary compatible with 0.23, however it's almost API compatible and re-compilation should be all that's required, I don't expect a need for any client code to be changed.

Thanks to all contributors who helped in any way with this release!

  • New Team Members since 0.23.
    Abhinav was a GSoC 2012 student and provided the video read support
    Niels has joined the team and is taking care of Maker Notes
    Robin takes on the role of Release Manager for the 0.24 and 0.25 releases
    Tuan is a GSoC 2013 student and will add support for remote file access in 0.25
    Mahesh is a GSoC 2013 student and will provide video write support in 0.25
    Shawn contributed to Visual Studio video code port and test harness restructuring
  • Maker Notes
    - Many more camera and lens models are now supported.
  • Samples
    - new sample "geotag.cpp" (experimental)
  • Test Harness
    - test harness restructured to test all builds including Visual Studio
  • Build Environment
    - Long term goal to replace ./configure and msvc environments with CMake
    - ./configure support on Mac/Linux/Cygwin is robust
    - CMake support on Mac.Linux/Cygwin is robust
    - Visual Studio Support:
    msvc2003 (was msvc) 32 bit builds for 2003/5/8
    msvc2005 (was msvc64) 32 and 64 bit builds for 2005/8/10
    msvc2012 (new) 32 and 64 bit builds for 2012.
    - CMake/Visual Studio support (experimental)
  • Thanks to Existing Team Members
    Andreas - without who none of this would exist
    Gilles - the human dynamo
    Volker - the EPS code and hardening our test harness
    Brad - continues to support and administer
    Robin - does a bit of many things and manages the build in particular
  • Lots of good feedback from users
    - I'm not going to mention anybody by name, however several users have
    been very supportive by providing patches, feedback and encouragement.

Thank You everybody who has contributed to Exiv2.
Together we make free open source work.

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RE: Release 0.24 is finally out! - Added by Nicolas Nicofo over 6 years ago


I see that the Panasonic Makernote has not been updated.
Any hope for the next version ? A patch is available at

RE: Release 0.24 is finally out! - Added by Andreas Huggel over 6 years ago

Hi Nicolas,

Your makernote patch is important work, thanks a lot for that! I will look into it soon. For 0.24 the important thing is that it finally happened. We'll have more frequent releases again now.