Bug #552

Build failure under Mac OS X 10.3.9

Added by marius - almost 11 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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Assignee:Andreas Huggel% Done:


Target version:0.17.1


The build fails with the following error:

g++ -O2 -Wall -Wcast-align -Wpointer-arith -Wformat-security -Wmissing-format-attribute -Woverloaded-virtual -W -I. -I/usr/local/include -I/usr/local/include -DEXV_LOCALEDIR=\"/usr/local/share/locale\" -I../xmpsdk/include -c convert.cpp  -fno-common -DPIC -o .libs/convert.o
convert.cpp: In member function `void Exiv2::Converter::cnvXmpValueToIptc(const
char*, const char*)':
convert.cpp:1082: error: type specifier omitted for parameter
convert.cpp:1082: error: parse error before numeric constant
convert.cpp:1083: error: request for member `setValue' in `Exiv2::id(...)',
which is of non-aggregate type `Exiv2::Iptcdatum ()(...)'
convert.cpp:1084: error: no matching function for call to `Exiv2::IptcData::add
(Exiv2::Iptcdatum (&)(...))'
iptc.hpp:242: error: candidates are: int Exiv2::IptcData::add(const
Exiv2::IptcKey&, Exiv2::Value*)
iptc.hpp:249: error: int Exiv2::IptcData::add(const
make[1]: * [convert.o] Error 1
make: *
[all] Error 2

Additional information:

Build of version 0.14 was successful under this OS version.

rmconvert.patch Magnifier (1.3 KB) Redmine Admin, 07 Jun 2008 02:32

firsttry.patch Magnifier (477 Bytes) Redmine Admin, 07 Jun 2008 02:33


#1 Updated by Andreas Huggel almost 11 years ago

Attachment rmconvert.patch is a quick workaround for the problem: it removes the convert functionality from the library. XMP sidecar files will only deal with XMP data in this patch applied.

#2 Updated by Andreas Huggel almost 11 years ago

Attachment firsttry.patch is an attempt to fix the problem. I have had a very similar error message here earlier (on Linux/g++-4.3) and it went away when I used a 0 pointer argument in the Iptcdatum constructor on line 1082.
So if firsttry.patch doesn't help, please also try s/key/key, 0/ on that line.

But I still do not understand what the compiler is trying to do here and why it doesn't get the Iptcdatum and IptcKey constructors right.

#3 Updated by marius - almost 11 years ago

The firsttry.patch works, w/o the "key" replacement.


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