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Detection of lens: AF-P DX Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR

Added by Chris Benedict over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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Category:lensEstimated time:1.00 hour
Target version:0.26


This lens does not seem to be automatically detected:

$ exiv2 -pt DSC_0152.NEF | grep -ai lens
Exif.Nikon3.LensType                         Byte        1  D G VR
Exif.Nikon3.Lens                             Rational    4  18-55mm F3.5-5.6
Exif.Nikon3.LensFStops                       Undefined   4  5.33333
Exif.NikonLd3.LensIDNumber                   Byte        1  160
Exif.NikonLd3.LensFStops                     Byte        1  F5.


Please let me know if there is anything else you need.

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Added by Robin Mills over 2 years ago

#1216. Rollback r4448/6/2/1 r4439/38 to restabilize test suite on trunk. r4449 is copy of r4448 to branches/develop


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I've given up on lens detection. Manufacturers use the same lensID for more than one lens. This is discussed here: http://dev.exiv2.org/issues/1212

On the trunk, you can add your lens to the file ~/.exiv2 You need to know your lensID

636 rmills@rmillsmbp:~/gnu/exiv2/trunk $ exiv2 -pv --grep lens/i ~/Stonehenge.jpg 
0x0083 Nikon3       LensType                    Byte        1  14    <--- This number
0x0084 Nikon3       Lens                        Rational    4  180/10 2500/10 35/10 63/10
0x008b Nikon3       LensFStops                  Undefined   4  55 1 12 0
0x000c NikonLd3     LensIDNumber                Byte        1  146
0x000d NikonLd3     LensFStops                  Byte        1  55
637 rmills@rmillsmbp:~/gnu/exiv2/trunk $ 
Put it into ~/.exiv2 (or c:\Users\username\exiv2.ini on MSVC/MinGW builds).
637 rmills@rmillsmbp:~/gnu/exiv2/trunk $ cat ~/.exiv2 
14=Robin's Sigma Lens

638 rmills@rmillsmbp:~/gnu/exiv2/trunk $ 
Now your lens will be recognised.
638 rmills@rmillsmbp:~/gnu/exiv2/trunk $ exiv2 -pa --grep lens/i ~/Stonehenge.jpg 
Exif.Nikon3.LensType                         Byte        1  D G VR
Exif.Nikon3.Lens                             Rational    4  18-250mm F3.5-6.3
Exif.Nikon3.LensFStops                       Undefined   4  4.58333
Exif.NikonLd3.LensIDNumber                   Byte        1  Robin's Sigma Lens
Exif.NikonLd3.LensFStops                     Byte        1  F4.6
638 rmills@rmillsmbp:~/gnu/exiv2/trunk $ 

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