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GPSVersionID is allowed to store more than 4 bytes.

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This was reported by private email from Mikayel Egibyan.

Not a bug! Exiv2 is not a policeman. You can set any tag to any value. I strongly encourage you to stick to the standard and set GPSVersionID to 4 bytes.

The Exif Specification defines GPSVersionID as a 4 byte tag. Section 4.6.6 p68. http://www.cipa.jp/std/documents/e/DC-008-2012_E.pdf

There is documentation on exiv2.org: http://www.exiv2.org/tags.html

0x0000 0 GPSInfo Exif.GPSInfo.GPSVersionID Byte Indicates the version of <GPSInfoIFD>. The version is given as This tag is mandatory when <GPSInfo> tag is present. (Note: The <GPSVersionID> tag is given in bytes, unlike the <ExifVersion> tag. When the version is, the tag value is 02000000.H).

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