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Update Panasonic EXIF Information

Added by Bernd Steinhauser over 4 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:20 Jul 2014
Priority:NormalDue date:08 Sep 2014
Assignee:Niels Kristian Bech Jensen% Done:


Target version:0.25


Based on the information available at [1] and based on the output of the images of my Panasonic Lumix DMC-G6, I wrote a patch for exiv2 updating the tags that I know of.
The second patch gets rid of a few duplicate entries which I'm not sure why they would be necessary, I can't see it.

Note that I broke compatibility with a few older cameras, since Panasonic doesn't seem to care too much about backwards compatibility (i.e. contrast mode entry), but I thought it would be better to stick to current models rather than antique ones.

0001-Update-exif-tag-information-for-Panasonic-cameras.patch Magnifier (31.6 KB) Bernd Steinhauser, 20 Jul 2014 10:20

0002-Remove-duplicate-entries-no-idea-why-they-would-be-n.patch Magnifier (2.78 KB) Bernd Steinhauser, 20 Jul 2014 10:20

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Revision 3357
Added by Niels Kristian Bech Jensen about 4 years ago

Fix issues #929 and #972: Improve Panasonic makernotes support. Thanks goes to numerous people for patches and input.


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Thanks for sending the patches. I'm going to assign this issue to Niels because he's our maker notes engineer.


#2 Updated by Bernd Steinhauser over 4 years ago

Bernd Steinhauser wrote:

Based on the information available at [1]

Sorry, forgot the reference:

#3 Updated by T Modes about 4 years ago

This is a duplicate of ticket #929

Also accelerometer settings and derived angles (pitch, roll) are only displayed as raw values and not the correctly converted values.

#4 Updated by Bernd Steinhauser about 4 years ago

Yes, I noticed that the output isn't in degrees, but I wasn't sure how to handle it.

I'll take a look at the other patch and test it. If I have any comments, I'll post them in the other bug report. You can close this as a duplicate.

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